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30 Real Estate Questions in 30 Days

Day 1/30. What is a sellers market?

Day 2/30. When will we see a buyers market?

Day 3/30. Should I get pre-approved before I start shopping?

Day 4/30. What year/model is the Watchdog mobile?

Day 5/30. Should I refinance?

Day 6/30. Can the seller ruin the sale of their home?

Day 7/30. What should I look for when choosing a realtor?

Day 8/30. What is an FHA loan?

Day 9/30. What credit score do I need to buy a home?

Day 10/30. How much does it cost for me to use a realtor?

Day 11/30. What is earnest money?

Day 12/30. What is an option period?

Day 13/30. If I make one extra payment a year, will I pay my home off 10 years faster?

Day 14/30. Why do I love living in the Clearlake area?

Day 15/30. Why did I get into real estate?

Day 16/30. What’s the 1st thing I should do after purchasing a home?

Day 17/30. What are 3 things a buyer should know before selling?

Day 18/30. What tips do you have to get my offer accepted?

Day 19/30. What is the down payment requirement to purchase a home?

Day 20/30. What are 3 things I can do to prepare my house to sell?

Day 21/30. I have multiple offers, so how do I choose?

Day 22/30. Can I advertise my rental property for rent before I close on it?

Day 23/30. What are seller concessions?

Day 24/30. Do I have any Watchdogs?

Day 25/30. How do realtors determine how much your home is worth?

Day 26/30. What is a homestead exemption?

Day 27/30. How much should I budget for a mortgage?

Day 28/30. Is it cheaper to buy or to rent?

Day 29/30. My craziest experience as a realtor.

Day 30/30. Day in the life of Watchdog realtor.

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